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Site not rendering as expected in IE

Hey guys/girls,

I’ve been building a new website for the company I work for and I’m pretty pleased with how it’s all looking however it seems to load pages incorrectly in IE - though it DOES load them almost correctly when you refresh the page (some words cut off/slider buttons disappear/the hero image at the top of every project page is stretched and doesn’t scale with the browser window).

Naturally this wouldn’t be an issue if everyone used better browsers, however the reality is that they don’t! Help with this would be much appreciated.

Have attached a screenshot of the issue (left screen is chrome, right is IE)

Here’s the link to the site:

and the read only link:!


Hi @Macker

It is helpful to note that IE 11 and below does not have have support for some modern css features, and may be the reason why the layout is not rendering as expected.

A good resource to check if IE11 is compatible with some styling, i.e. Flexbox, you can go to and check if IE 11 is compatible with the style, for example with Flexbox:


There is at least one more more styles using flexbox:


As a side note, IE 11 also only has partial support for 3D Transformations:


I can understand the frustration, Microsoft has ended support for IE 11, so I would suggest to try and restyle the problem elements, making sure that styles used, are fully supported by IE 11.

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So how are websites such as this made ? It seems to work just fine in IE?

Do people still code to support IE? I thought its market share had dropped off the face of the earth?

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