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Webflow + Internet Explorer - content not displaying


My site in IE has sections of content that are blank - they do not display.
I’ve searched through the forum for a solution but have not found the problem.

If you compare this page in Chrome to how it displays in IE you will see that the “our team” section does not display at all in IE.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much!

Hi there! I don’t have Internet Explorer on my laptop to do any tests, but after some reading, it looks like Internet Explorer is not supported by Microsoft anymore and therefore most modern websites do not work properly on that browser. I also saw that things like Flexbox don’t work well on IE, so if you need it to work on IE, you might have to try it with different methods. Hope that helps! Sorry your site isn’t working the way you need it to.

Thank you and yes, I realize this. I’m thinking of perhaps putting up an error panel with a link to “upgrade” etc, instead of trying to fix this… but it really bothers me that whole sections just don’t display. I also added a newsletter signup panel that doesn’t display visually, but it’s there because it is blocking everything behind it. I’m going to keep trying to fix and if anyone has any insights, I’m all ears! Thank you.

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Most users of IE are aware of its limitations and pop up warnings for IE users is no longer a best practice.

If you have to support the small percentage of IE users, I believe the best approach is to provide an IE only stylesheet that just uses standard floats and minimal flex styles to override elements that are having display issues. Or… just do nothing.

I am pretty sure the design no longer even bothers to try to work for IE users since it was broken the last time I checked with IE.

Discovered that the issue was having interactions on elements; once I removed animations everything displayed in IE.

Just thought I would let anyone know who might have had this issue as well.

Thanks all!

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