IE not compatible with Flexbox


Please help, the website appears properly on other browsers except windows explorer… What can I do to fix this?

Hi @Starlord

Thanks for sharing your Read-Only link. This is because Internet Explorer doesn’t fully support Flexbox.

(see Flexbox Compatibility with IE11?)

I hope this helps!

Thanks. It seemed to be some bugs. One day all problem disappeared. I am aware of the flex box and not using it due to the comparability issue. Unless the dynamic list uses it.

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oooops! replied to a wrong post. Please disregard my previous post.

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Webflow seems to really provide devlish-easy use of Flexbox. This gives me a good excuse to forget IE. Sorry but not sorry, if you’re browsing on my website with IE, I’m afraid you need help beyond a new website or business guidance. You need to start with a computer that can’t be metaphorically grown inside dirt. Businesses that fail to upgrade something simple like their computer or move onto a decent webbrowser have a reputation for being my worst clients.


Hey @Brando

Thanks for the feedback and my apologies for the late response. I had no choice but to get rid of the flex in some of my website for clients using IE :sweat:

Thanks for the help!

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