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Display problems in IE

Hi everyone,
My website works fine on Chrome and Safari, but has several issues on display in IE.
I would give this up but my client says the target audience for this site has many IE users.
There are problems with centering elements in the hero section, text overrides in the section right after that (both in regular and hover-on elements) and weird display of logos in the slider toward the bottom, under “testimonials”.
I realize some of this may occur due to IE’s support (of lack of it) for flexbox, however, I didn’t understand from previous threads how am I supposed to work around it.

What should I do to fix these issues and how can I add these changes without screwing up the code, which works fine on other browsers?

Thanks a lot!

Here’s an example (the text overrides area):

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Here’s the published site link:

IE does not support flexbox.

If you built the site with flexbox and are targeting users who use IE, this was a HUGE mistake, the only suggestion is to rebuild the site not using flexbox.

While Webflow is awesome and up to date, IE is terrible and super ancient.

Sorry, wish I could do more to help. :worried:

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