[Solved] Has anyone else noticed that their clients can no longer publish their own sites?

Has anyone else noticed that their clients can no longer publish their own sites?

I feel very strongly that this should be available on ALL plans.

@webflow why the update? I feel as though I am being forced to double my spend with you just so I can have this feature…

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Hey Georgina, I’m quite curious to see what you’re referring to here. Are you talking about publishing changes within the collaborator’s Editor view? My clients haven’t reported any issues there.

Hey, I’m referring to Webflow limiting clients’ role permissions. A few months back all my clients could all publish their own changes from their end as content editors. Now they cannot. I am having a to re-add them, and there is no option to enable them to publish changes from their end. This is despite the prompt text stating ‘You can prevent content editors from publishing by changing their role.’

Essentially, what this looks like is Webflow forcing me to upgrade my plan just so that my clients can publish their changes. Surely client autonomy is a given.

What do you think?

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I’m still not sure what you’re describing here, or why upgrading your plan would change anything.
Have you looked at the Members tab under site settings?


Here you invite people with either edit & publish or only edit permissions, and you can change them at any time.

In the editor, those with the publish permission get this view-


While those you have denied it to get this;


If you’re not seeing that, I’d contact support to find out more.

Hey, just to clarify, as I think you are confused. I know how to change the permissions. What I want to know whether other people are experiencing the same barrier I am and need to upgrade their plan to change permissions.
The only way for me to regain these permissions now is to upgrade my plan, which I think is a conniving way to get people to pay more for functionality that should be standard.

Unfortunately, this is all i get.


Very interesting.

I’m trying to think of when that might make sense.
Seems logical perhaps if the site is in the client’s workspace, because as a guest your admin privs would likely be a bit restricted.

Also seems logical perhaps if the site is on a Basic plan, or possibly if the hosting workspace is free/starter, since that would generally be the situation if the client is hosting their own paid-plan site.

Whatever it is, looks like it’s been that way for years, nothing new. The other post you commented on was from 2020.

Curious what you find from support, I’d never seen that restriction before. Please share when you find out the details.

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It is interesting right. The sites are on either Ecomm or CMS plans. The change was definitely recent as I had the permissions this year. See screenshot below.

My client told me she could no longer log in, because her login email, which has never changed ‘isn’t recognised’. So, I deleted her access, sent her a new link to sign up, got her to log in again and there is no option to choose ‘edit & publish’ for her.

I checked the WF documentation and I have to upgrade to the Growth Plan, which I don’t need. I’d only need it if I wanted my clients to publish their own sites. :exploding_head:

So, clients can edit, but I have to publish from my end… Which is quite frankly asinine! Especially considering this is a recent update and transferring sites with active site plans is an irritating process in itself.

I emailed support a few days ago, but as usual…crickets!

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Having the same problem!

  • Looks like “Manage publishing permissions for your team” is now a feature that has been pushed up to Growth plan for “In-house teams” or Agency plan for “Freelancers”.
  • I’ve been using Webflow for years on the Core plan, and giving my clients Editor access to publish simple copy changes is an ESSENTIAL FUNCTION.
  • This rollout of stripping away functionality feels poorly executed with confusing instructions everywhere, and feels like a cash grab. $19/mo to $49/mo is SIGNIFICANT, just to let my clients publish a couple copy changes without wasting my time to publish everything for them?
  • I hope WF answers this. Any thoughts @memetican? Please keep me up to date on this thread, and thanks for posting @studiofolklore

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I’m on Agency, which may be why I’m not seeing this.
Were there any alerts or emails regarding this change for people on Core / Freelancer?

Webflow has taken away central features before like client billing, but not without warning, giving us time to notify clients, and time to migrate to other solutions. About 20% of my clients have migrated off of Webflow due to that change.

Completely agree that it’s essential. Even with all of its problems, the editor & the ability for clients to update their own content was the one thing that allowed me to migrate all of my clients from pre-existing platforms.

I’m still hopeful that it’s a bug, for two reasons-

  • Editors has always been a site plan function, unrelated to workspaces
  • It has always been that the “manage permissions” features of higher level plans gave you the ability to restrict permissions, rather than the default setting of all users have full access.

@studiofolklore 's screenshot still suggests that’s the intended functionality.


We’ll only know when Georgina shares support’s reply.

Hey @studiofolklore + @Jon_Katayama , Emily from Webflow here :wave:

I took some time to try to replicate this on my end using a CMS site that is on a starter workspace, same with one that is on a core workspace plan and I was able to invite a content editor that can publish in both scenarios.

After checking with the team, there has been no change that should restrict clients from publishing from the editor unless you restrict their permissions while inviting them.

Re: The
university doc linked above is referencing your ability to selectively control/restrict content editor permissions if you are on a growth, agency, or enterprise workspace. If you are not on any of those workspace plans, by default, adding a content editor should allow both edit + publish. (see screenshot below)

While I totally understand your frustration in this moment, I want to reassure you and everyone else reading this thread that client / agency workflow is of the upmost importance to us — so we would never publish a change like this without careful consideration and of course communication. Thankfully in this case I can assure you that editor publishing has not been revoked. I would be happy to take a deeper look and help escalate your ticket with our support team to see if there are any other reasons that you may be experiencing issues.

If you feel comfortable, please shoot over your email and I’d be happy to flag to our internal team to take a closer look!

In the meantime, if there’s anything I can do on my end - please feel free to shoot me a message, I’d be happy to see what I can do to help.


Hi @Emily_Lonetto ,

I see your screenshot which shows the default Role as “Can edit and publish” as grayed out, which is the same way it looked to me while inviting my client to Editor access. Just to be sure, I deleted his access, and reissued a new invite that showed “can edit and publish”. However, when my client accepted his invite, his Role only showed “Can Edit”, the same as @studiofolklore screenshot above:

While it is good news that editor publishing has not been revoked as a feature, functionally that is what I am experiencing! I’ve sent you an email directly regarding this issue. I’m assuming others are experiencing the same, so updating the forum will be helpful after resolution as well.

Thanks for your prompt response!

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Thank you @Jon_Katayama for sharing. I’ve received your DM and will be escalating to the team to take a deeper look :+1:t3:

Most of our team is off on Sunday, so it may take until tomorrow to get a reply. Just letting you know in advance.

We’ll get this sorted - appreciate your patience!

Thanks @Emily_Lonetto, the issue is still persisting and my client is actively working on a deadline for Wednesday so I’m constantly needing to publish for them. I tested inviting myself as an editor on my admin account and a new test email account with these results.

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Hi @Emily_Lonetto The issue that Jon and Georgina mentioned is exactly what I have. I have two clients that are unable to currently publish without my assistance. I am going to send support a ticket now.

We are facing the same issue. Any content editor added starting on Friday has “can edit” permissions only, despite the greyed dropdown stating “can edit and publish”. They cannot publish any changes to the site and those changes are left in the staged status unless I (owner) publish them myself.

Same issue here, added two content editors with “Edit & Publish” permissions. Both have accepted — only one of them can publish, the other is edit-only. Tried with another email address of mine not linked to Webflow, and this one can publish. Seems completely arbitrary, and probably a bug? I’ve just sent a support request.

Hey there! The team confirmed this is a bug. They’ve shipped a fix but I’m waiting on confirmation if it will be retroactively applied to all who are impacted or if there’s an immediate solution.

Looking to provide an update ASAP


Sharing here as well:

Hey there! The team confirmed this is a bug. They’ve shipped a fix but I’m waiting on confirmation if it will be retroactively applied to all who are impacted or if there’s an immediate solution.

Looking to provide an update ASAP

Sharing here as well:

Hey there! The team confirmed this is a bug. They’ve shipped a fix but I’m waiting on confirmation if it will be retroactively applied to all who are impacted or if there’s an immediate solution.

Looking to provide an update ASAP