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Client can no longer publish - only edit

Hi, starting yesterday, one of my clients can no longer publish from the editor. He get s a message saying “Publishing has been restricted for your role by your site’s admin”, though I didn’t change anything. When I check the editor settings, it does show me with Edit and Publish permissions, but his account shows only “Edit”.

Is this a new setting? He’s been editing the site for close to a year without issue.


Not that I am aware of. Ask the user to try to run the editor while the browser is in incognito or private mode. If the problem persists open a ticket with support.

Hey @jasonferg

We recently became aware of the issue and are working toward a resolution — thanks for your patience while we work on this.In the meantime, if any of your editors have an urgent update to make, the following workarounds may be useful:

  1. Have your editor send the content through to you, so you’re able to update and publish the content through the Designer.
  2. Under Settings > Editor > Collaborators, remove the editor and invite them to join again.

If you continue to run into any issues with this send through a support ticket at Webflow Customer Support | Webflow University and our team will dig into it a bit more for you.