[Solved] Has anyone else noticed that their clients can no longer publish their own sites?

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Hey there! The team confirmed this is a bug. They’ve shipped a fix but I’m waiting on confirmation if it will be retroactively applied to all who are impacted or if there’s an immediate solution.

Looking to provide an update ASAP

Thanks @Emily_Lonetto ,
It looks like the fix only applies to new content editor accounts, not retroactive to my client. I reissued Editor access to a test email address and received the Edit & Pubish Access, but my client is still as Edit. I’ll revoke his access and have them accept a new invite while the Webflow team works on the retroactive fix.

cc: @Andy_Hockey @Nuria_Gomez_Boadas @Guy_Habgood1 @studiofolklore


Appreciate your re-inviting @john_katayama cc: @Andy_Hockey @Nuria_Gomez_Boadas @Guy_Habgood1 @studiofolklore

I’ve spoken with the team and they’re working on a retroactive application, but recommend doing exactly what you did and re-inviting your client. We’ve identified the root cause was and this shouldn’t be a problem moving forward.

I appreciate you all for bringing this up and your patience while I pushed this fix :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for being so speedy on this Emily! Really kind of you. I almost upgraded today and thankfully checked this just before I did. FIngers crossed you can get this fixed as it is an essential feature for clients. I did think it was quite an odd change to make to our backend.

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Hey Emily. Any update on this? I am launching a site today and need to hand over publishing capabilities to sign off the project and send a final invoice.

Does this apply if you transfer their site to their own individual account after designing and building it? Like are they adding a code cookie or something along with the site transfer?

Hi there! Can confirm that they’ve published a fix and if you re-invite or invite moving forward you should not experience this bug.

Thank you again for bringing this up - I can only imagine how frustrating this flow has been.

This should not impact anything moving forward.

@Emily_Lonetto I had downgraded and then just recently re-upgraded to a Core plan and am having the issue above. I have tried deleting/re-adding users, but their access doesn’t change.

So if we have a CMS hosting plan do we not have the ability for content editors to publish? If it’s a bug, how do we grant editors access to push their changes live? To me CMS means granting Content Managment for our clients. Publishing changes is a crucial part of that workflow!

Hey @Ash_Faulkner if you reach out to support.webflow.com they can quickly triage that for you! Happy to ping them as well.

Yes, if you have a CMS plan your content editors can publish.