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Unable to Publish from Editor

The “Publish” button in the editor is grayed out for me and my client.

Hi, @Ryan_Power!

My name is Ben and I’m happy to help you with this issue! Could you provide me with a little more information?

Is it grayed out after making changes to content on the page or making changes in collections? Or both? Is the Editor saving the changes?

Also, could you provide me with a read-only link to your project.

I’ll be looking forward to your response so I can help you solve this issue.

Hi guys!
Unfortuantely, my client is having the same problem with attempting to publish when using Editor. They are allowed to make edits, but unable to publish those edits. The issue has been pretty consistent over the last month or so. Any fixes yet? Thanks in advance for any help you can give. This is obviously a very frustrating issue for them.

Here is that site…

I had my client create a new collaborator account and that fixed the issue.

Thanks Ryan! That would make sense given that none of my recent clients are having issues. I’m going to try that.

Hi Riley, we’re having this same issue with two of our websites. The client made updates and published, but the updates didn’t show up on the live sites. When looking in Editor mode, the updates are all there, but the Publish button is grayed out as if the updates went through successfully.

For the “Resource” website (share links below), the client experienced this issue after updating the Events CMS collection via API. For “Faith Community Church,” the client couldn’t publish after updating text right on a static page in the Editor. It feels like an Editor issue.

When I manually publish via the Designer, this seems to fix the issue, at least temporarily (which makes the problem hard to recreate, haha!) But this issue has cropped up a few times for both sites in the past several months… so it seems important to report.



Faith Community Church

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