How to toggle off Publish button for Editors

We are a small team and we invited our first Editor onto our website. A SEO expert. However, the person doesn’t know how to create websites. And to not interfere with other topics we do on our website, we want to keep control of the publishing timing.

So, when inviting the Editor, a toggle button appears, that should allow me to turn off or on the ability for an Editor to publish the website.
But that toggle button is disabled. I’m one of two Site Admins, I think I should be allowed to toggle that on or off if I am allowed to invite Editors, shouldn’t I?

You need a workspace with a Growth, Agency, or Enterprise plan to toggle publishing permissions.

Ensure that the user you invited as an Editor has the correct role assigned. In most CMS platforms, the Editor role should have the permission to publish content.
Double-check your own Site Admin settings to confirm that your role has the capability to manage publishing permissions for Editors.
Sometimes, conflicts with plugins or themes can affect user permissions. Temporarily deactivate plugins or switch to a default theme to see if the issue persists.
Make sure your CMS is up to date. An outdated CMS version may have bugs or limitations that have been addressed in newer releases.