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Limit Contributor's publishing abilities to their changes exclusively

When a contributor is using Webflow to make edits to the site and goes to publish their changes, it will publish all changes made since the last publish (including those of the account holder). This is proving to be problematic on my team whereas I will be in the middle of a large project for our Webflow site that needs to be published to our test site exclusively, then a contributor will make a blog post or small edit to an unrelated page. When they publish their changes, all of my changes get published as well.

We have to constantly check up on each other when publishing to make sure we don’t step on each other’s toes when publishing unrelated edits. I might be mistaking how publishing works, but from what I understand every “publish” action is a full site publish action rather than specific to each user’s unrelated changes.

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I deal with this regularly as well.

Extended across multiple projects, this becomes an even more glaring issue. I can’t imagine that this doesn’t impact every customer here that serves a client of more than 1. Having to roll back structural changes after a client pushes live their content updates is a major workflow flaw. Bifurcation of publishable changes based on user ID and hierarchy is logical.

I will pre-empt any WF team justification of this and argue that this issue is not a feature request that should be subject to the pointless wishlist queuing process (that may or may not see the light of day or be resolved), but rather a high-priority issue addressing a fundamental architecture oversight that cuts to the heart of the platform Webflow is trying to provide for professionals serving clients.

The problem and solution have been defined - how can we help move this forward to an implemented resolution? @thesergie @PixelGeek?

Thank you for articulating the issue @ctrav ! Let’s hope this gets traction with the powers that be.

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We’ve run into this a lot ourselves since our team collaborates on many of our sites (marketing site, help site, blog, etc). There are several ways we are aiming to solve this and similar issues. We’ve recently made an upgrade to our CMS API to allow for publishing individual items. We also want to provide this as an option in our UI. It’s a bit trickier to allow selective publishing of static content though since at the moment the project has one style sheet that is published. We’ve considered giving users an option to disable publishing in the Editor, so clients wouldn’t be able to publish the site.

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+1 on this one! I’m running into this problem and I first I thought I had some incorrect settings, but alas - this is working as designed… :frowning:
I hope that this will be amended to allow more granular publishing settings!

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This is an issue for me on a daily basis. For me, there is not enough clarity in the help section about what particular bits are published when in “Editor” mode, vs editing the CMS items, or vs what I’m doing as the site owner in the “Designer” mode.
I’ve searched many times. If you see a post about this, please let me know.

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