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Slow Load Times

Hi Guys,

Im relatively new to webflow but really enjoying the tools. I have been trying to improve the load times on my sites but after compressing all of the images as much as possible without sacrificing too much resolution I still seem to be getting prety slow buffering on my landing page and gallery page.

Please, can you give me some feedback on how I may improve this?

Many Thanks!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi, Please Add live URL. No way to answer like this. Thanks

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Hi, hope this is the link you mean…


Very slow.

“not true” - use 1000-2000px+- width images (Not 5000-6000px+) + combine with

Next, remove all custom code and test again (Maybe some custom code do problems). Looks like your gray preloader is buggy (When i disable JS the page load fast).

Minor: Under setting - minify js-css-html

Ok thanks for that, I will have a look at the guide. I have actually already put all of my images through tinyjpg, so think I will have to use PS to reduce further?

Any ideas what is causing the pre loader to be buggy?

Many Thanks


No. Again first remove custom code and loaders - and test (No way for me to do this tests by read-only link).

Anyway if only this two pages (With a lot of images) - make problem - start from the images.

Thanks for your help. Site seems to be much more responsive now?

Yes. Now looks fine :slight_smile:

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