Please help me with my site loading speed

I dont know why i takes so much to load my websiste

I have already trying to compress every image on the landing page to the minimum but either way loads soooooo sloww… it takes like 3 seconds and the website is not that big… that images at the lower part are extremply compressed… Please help me u aldready run some toolds like pingdom tools it says something about the FONT… i already change to areal everything and its the same… :frowning:

link to my project.

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@Jose_Miguel_Rodrigue one thing I’d suggest is to clear the ‘unused styles’ section inside the designer. That helps.
Another thing is to upload smaller sized images. Not just compressed ones but ones that are sized to the max size they would ever be displayed at. For example, the organic logo is 357px wide but you’re applying a fixed height of 100px. Making it 100px and ‘auto’ width and height will shave off a bit of weight.
I tend to size my image a bit bigger that what I’m displaying them at, that way it doesn’t look bad on very big screens.
But some of yours are way too big. The ‘flowers’ is a 900px image, displayed at 450. You’d need a veeeeeeeeeery big screen for that to ever need to be 900px.
I didn’t go over every image, but that seems to be the biggest issue here. You’ve got a lightbox image that’s 4000px wide. To be displayed fullscreen, you’d be okay with half that, even less. That one image is 2mb. Clearing that up should help :slight_smile:

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hI i have done it already but it keeps slow… :frowning:
i compress all images but the graph showx me waiting times …
is it possible to add progresive rendering ? because i see that once ALL THE WEBISTE has already load then it shows… but maybe it shows while its loading…

Please i need help :frowning:

Look at your waterfall. 114 requests, 5.2 MB resources. Lots of third party scripts.

Performance is about asking yourself what you really need displayed on the home page, and what can be handled once you have moved the potential client into your conversion funnel.

Video is FAT. Embedded Scripts are SLOW.

There is no simple wave a wand solution. Low hanging fruit would be kill the video embed. Use Ajax or lazy loading to enhance the experience. You could always hire an expert :wink:.


Hi webdev ! thank you for your feed back ! but why do I get this long waiting times for the requests i have seen that the “normal” waititng times should be lower that 200ms but here i have loading times for almost half a second… about lazy loading how may I implement it ? Is it not already embeded in webflow ? i mean… lazyload is for the website to show as it is loading dont it ? because here I see that the website JUST SHOWS when everything is already loaded