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Site loading slow, not sure why

Hello everyone,

I am currently dealing with a slow-loading website. Could anyone provide me some feedback?
website link

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I quickly ran a couple Lighthouse tests for the Desktop and Mobile views on the homepage and got fairly decent scores but didn’t run any of the other pages. How are you determining the current site speed?

The main thing I’m noticing is that you’re using some larger image sizes and including them as background images which means Webflow isn’t able to serve up the most appropriate responsive size for smaller breakpoints:

Since the site appears image heavy this would be my main suggestion in terms of ways to improve page load. Make sure images are saved out in appropriate sizes for their usage and throw them through a lossless compression service like TinyPNG before uploading them to the site.

Hi, thanks for your input. I ran tests as well and it shows fine, but it’s the images that whenever they load it shows a gray color first before the actual image loads.

Depending on your connection speed you definitely could see the site before the images fully load (showing the background color instead of the image) so reducing these as much as possible could help. If you feel like hiding the loading all together, you can look into a simple preloader that reveals the site content only after everything is fully loaded: