Very basic webflow site taking 3-4 seconds to display anything

Hey there,

I’ve recently published a webflow site for my new blog, and noticed that it’s taking 3-4 seconds to load anything on the page. This is a bit odd to me considering the about page is just a few lines of text with an instagram widget, and it’s still taking as long even though there is barely any content.

I ran the site through a performance auditor and it suggested that I could save that amount of time by compressing images, so I did so and it’s still not performing any better.

I really wouldn’t like to have to add some sort of preloader considering how basic this site is, but at the same time, I don’t know what else to do to make this thing perform properly.

Any ideas?

edit: At first I thought it was the Instagram widget that was causing the issues, but after removing it and publishing the site again, the performance issues are still there.

Hey! I just peeked at your site and looked at a few pages. I noticed the images you upload are typically much larger than they need to be. I saw some product images at 2200x2200 pixels, 1.56mb and they’re only displaying as 900x900 on my wide screen. I know you compressed those images already, but I’d probably resize them to like 1000x1000, make sure the resolution is only 72ppi, and then run them through a compressor like

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Was that in the article section specifically? I’ve been running everything new that I’m uploading through imageoptim, but there are a bunch in the articles section that I’ve missed :frowning:

Specifically this page:

Since the hero image has a wrapper with a max width of 1600px, I wouldn’t bother uploading an image any larger than that. But the images below that are 1800-2200 pixels wide and they definitely don’t need to be that big! On my 32" monitor they’re displaying as 898x898 pixels so I would think 1000x1000 would be a good size.

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Ah good catch. I just reuploaded new sizes, and set a template up for the future. Thanks for the help!

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