Sitemaps : need help because no results


I publish my sitemaps XML to my google search console but nothing happens, my website is still presented in this way :

I wish I could benefit from a presentation like this one (with categories):

Please find here screenshot of my google search console + sitemap + webflow SEO tab

How can I get the results ? Is it a design problem ? A page ordering problem ?

Feel free to ask me more informations if you need :slight_smile:

Best regards

Not sure if it helps, but sounds like you’re after Google’s ‘sitelinks’.

“At the moment, sitelinks are automated. We’re always working to improve our sitelinks algorithms, and we may incorporate webmaster input in the future. There are best practices you can follow, however, to improve the quality of your sitelinks. For example, for your site’s internal links, make sure you use anchor text and alt text that’s informative, compact, and avoids repetition”

You can do some research on Google around sitelinks to also learn more.

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Hi thanks for your message.

I use Webflow automatic generated sitemaps (activated in my dashboard)

Yeah, these aren’t something that you can control @lemundibu. This is purely a google decision. They decide if they think your website’s results need to be displayed this way. There’s nothing you can do, you might want google to show the search results in a certain way but it’s up to google.

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