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Site maps... HELP!

I’m trying to figure out why my Google search results for my company are such a mess. I’ve set up to auto generate a site map in Webflow, but the results are not what I was expecting. Google seems to be grabbing things randomly without the proper hierarchy. The principle pages are: Home | About | Services | Portfolio | Blog |Store. I’ve pasted what a Google search reveals below.

Can someone walk me through how to fix this?? I’ve done everything I can to add my site on Console, etc. But no luck!

Here is my live site:


Your site does not have a strong information architecture structure. You only have a handful of links to your site and these are not reinforcing what you want. If you want to showcase your structure quickly you can run PPC for your business name and use site extensions to promote top-level pages you want to show a searcher. Google is not in the business of giving you what you want, only the searcher and its shareholders.

A sitemap is just a list for Googlebot to crawl. Sitemaps don’t create structure. Googlebot can crawl just fine on its own.

Learn about content silos and structure. Take a look at your site the way Googlebot sees it. Webflow does not support an index file in a folder so you have to adjust for that.

Thanks for the information. I guess I’m a little unclear on how to go about structuring my site without breaking every link. I was hoping there was a way to prioritize certain pages so Googlebot knows that they are top level pages. I’m finding this incredibly frustrating.

If you are trying to do SEO then you will be changing quite a bit, investing lots in content creation, social media, link building and so on. SEO is a lot of work and expensive.

What you seem to be after is to present your site structure and maybe control the text shown when someone looks up your name (they are not going to find you searching on anything else at this point). Google’s algorithms are a secret sauce. So don’t wast your time trying to manipulate it. Just run PPC for your brand name and then you can control what users see. In addition, you will take up more screen real estate. Bidding on your name is cheap and smart. No one else is.

So, is this all done through Google AdWords? Forgive my ignorance, but I’m not clear on “bidding on my name.” Thank you in advance!

That is correct. Helpful article->

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