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I can't index my site on google search console

Hello, after several searches on the subject I have not found an answer to this problem even if it has already been mentioned.

I want to index my site on Google but I have an error when indexing, like the sitemap.

I put my settings in capture, thank you for your help!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Waiting for a response thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @romainb, if you are using webflow generated sitemap then all you have to do is go to google search console under Add/Test sitemap and enter and it should work. I hope this helps.

Hello and thank you for your answer. But as on the screenshot above, google cannot find a sitemap yet I have activated the function in webflow

You need to type the full address into Search Console, not just /sitemap.xml.

Google automatically enters the beginning of the URL, but as you can see in the photo it does not work. Thank you

I see, I thought you didn’t put the whole site. Why do you have that text under robots.txt? I will try to remove it and test it again without it. I hope this helps.

This is because I had tested without anything at the start but I have been looking for the problem since without finding it. Thank you

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