SEO on a google search

For Example, if I Google “Stack Overflow” the site comes up but also links to the main sections of the site right beneath it (Login, Questions, Careers…)

How can I achieve this with my own site ?


Look up


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Thank you, but it don’t really help me (may be I don’t understand something important)

This is something google can decide to do for your site based on the schema (see those links) you insert in your site. Other than that, it’s up to google to decide if they think this is relevant for your website

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Official name of this idea Sitelinks (Google it). Google add this view (No way to fully control this - **beside on google ads).

Read more about this topic her:

In general on webflow this idea works great.


I hope you got the Idea about what you are asking for. You should simply search for Schema Markup and how to set up Schema Markup

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