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Sitemap Error Detected (the sitemap generated is still the webflow version)

Hi There,

My client's website is generating the webflow version in it's sitemap. Google Search Console is getting an error when I submit the sitemap. 

Here is the link:

Please advise and thank you in advance!

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Hi @Alex_Cheng

In the Project Settings under the SEO tab you can turn off indexing of the subdomain.

Thank you for your response but I already did that and published the site again. However, it still didn’t fix the issue here.

Please see below for my screenshot:

And you also unpublished from the subdomain too?

I unchecked it when I published the site, Is there another way to “unpublish”?

You can physically unpublish it. Leave the box unchecked just means you don’t publish it along with the other domains.


This should solve it for you, although I’m wondering why it’s showing on the sitemap if you’ve got those settings above.

I “unpublished” it and it still wouldn’t update the sitemap… so weird! Anyone from the webflow team can help??

Thank you for your help so far.

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I’ve sent a message to a few of the other forum moderators, hopefully someone could explain.

The only other thing I would try is to turn the sitemap off, publish, and turn it back followed by another publish.

Sorry I can’t be more help on this one!

Okay. Thank you so much thus far. I just tried that and it didn’t work. Seems like a bug or something. This never happened before.

Any Webflow admin out there?

Shoot an email over to too if you like, someone will have an answer or try to help. They and I appreciate your patience with this too. :metal:

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Thank you! I just sent them an email.