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Sitemap isn't working

Hey, anybody please able to help me… I want to send my sitemap to google, but it’s not letting me… I’ve literally tried everything I could find online. Unpublished my website, used // instead of /sitemap.xml… Please help me

Your request is not clear outside of “sitemap isn’t working.” Have you referred to the webflow sitemap lesson located here?
Also, you have not included a read-only link to your Webflow site (community members won’t be able to help without it).

Your website crawling is blocked by robots.txt
You need to remove the blockers to get your sitemap to work.

Well to clear up, I’ve setup Google Site Verification and on the search console from google I want to upload my sitemap, but it’s giving me the error seen on the picture above. And yes I’ve done the exact steps on the sitemap lesson.

But whenever I upload my sitemap I still get the error.

Read Only

Indexing (Sitemap.xml & Robots.txt) I’ve made a new forum with all the info, because I had two open tickets which I think are the same problem.