Streaming live at 10am (PST) does it go away

So launched a site probably a month ago. And I unpublished the address. I don’t think I have any manual links built to yet this and other similar links show in webmaster tools. I’d like to understand what is happening to urls when hosting with Webflow.

Hi @jdesign :smile:

Try this feature out in your SEO settings page:

​Try these steps and let me know if you’re successful.


Normally, I have that turned off on all my sites from the very start and I’m sure this was no different. However, I also never auto generate site maps and this is one is on. But I can’t change any of them back because although I can toggle the buttons the save feature won’t work.

I’ve tried Safari and Chrome.

Just went through all my sites and every single one has AutoGenerate Sitemap on and I know for certain I have generated and added my own sitemaps and turned auto generate off. Looks like the update jacked somethings up.

Just pushed a fix - please check again in 15 minutes! There were some errors with form validation on our dashboard.

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Thanks! It’s working again. Like the new OG features.

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