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Google Not Crawling Website (Redirect Error)

Hi all,

I keep getting an error saying that Google could not fetch my XML sitemap. See image below.

When I dig a little deeper into the diagnostics, I get told I am getting a HTTP Error: 301 (see image below).

I have setup multiple websites and have done the same thing I have always done and never have gotten this issue. Is this Webflow specific???

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @BBF , did you enabled the sitemap toggle on the Project Settings?

Also, it may take some time to google to fetch this information.

Hey @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo - thanks for the reply.

I sure did - the sitemap is available here:

Has been stuck like this for a few days now!

The best solution I have used to solve this is to delete the sitemap from GWT and re-upload it.

I will do that two to three times if the issue persists.

If the issue persists I will break it down( i will do, post-sitemap.xml, etc) to individual xml and that has worked for me 100% of the time.

You can also try instead of