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Google Search Console : "Sitemap could not be read"

Hey everyone,

has anyone ever faced this issue? Is there any solution?

In Webflow:

In Search Console:

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Hi @nicolaspvt,

You actually dont need to put the whole url, just under the sitemap tab, add sitemap.xml to the end of the already generated domain.

Once you do that, you are done!

Thanks for your answer @WebDev_Brandon but i already tried and it didn’t work.

Hey! I just fixed this issue on one of my sites (with a huge assist from @rileyrichter)

In my DNS settings, I updated the A record to make sure both of these IP addresses were listed: &

Then, I updated the CNAME record to this:

You can read the Webflow troubleshooting here:


Hey @parker, thanks for your answer! Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Anyone have any other solution?

Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. What is the domain name?

Same problem here. Google Search Console report error on this site:

The error says it can’t read the sitemap cause of an error when opening it, and it refers to guidelines. I have another nearly identical website, where there is no errors. Sitemap look identical except root domains.

Therefore I thought DNS could be it yes, but Webflow shows no issues with DNS settings.

@Kjetil-G - Since your sitemap loads I would make the assumption that this is a temporary condition with Google. Wait a few days and it should resolve itself.