Site search not working as expected

The issue started when I excluded the static pages and a few dynamic ones from the search results. On doing so, the search functionality stopped working and only showed the empty state.
On reindexing, the search results list is currently showcasing just a single result—a test page that, per the page settings, should not be part of the site search. Strangely, the dynamic blog pages, which have been explicitly configured for search inclusion, are absent from the search results. Despite reindexing the page the issue persists.

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi Nikitha, unfortunately Webflow search doesn’t offer any way to see what it’s indexing and what it’s not indexing

I’ve had a quick glance, and I’m not seeing anything obvious that would block it, specifically;

  • your collection page is not excluded from search
  • the key elements on your collection page are not excluded from search ( but check more thoroughly under settings at the bottom )
  • your collection page is not gated for User Accounts

So could be that it just hasn’t indexed yet, or that it’s broken. If you requested indexing over 24h ago, I’d contact support.