Looking for help with Site Search functionality

Having trouble with site search functionality:

Each page has site search settings in place:

Site seems to have been indexed:

Site has been published:

Site does not show results on live site:

Site does not show updates in Designer view when previewed:
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 5.26.49 PM

When I first load the search results page in Designer mode, I see placeholder results which then disappear immediately.

Looking for any thoughts :slight_smile: Thanks!

Unhosted sites and sites with Basic hosting will show sample search results on your published site - which you can show to clients to give them a sense of how their search experience will look. To see real search results, you’ll need to add CMS or Business hosting to the site.

Site search | Webflow University

Hi Jeff. Thanks for the reply. We have business hosting. That was the first step taken so we’re set there.

Not sure what the issue is. The pages are static but based on what I have read site search should work for static content.

Site search settings
You can control what content displays for the search title in the Page Settings for all of your site’s static pages and Collection Pages.

I can try to re-index but since it’s one time per day, I’d like to make sure the issue is fixed before publishing.

I just found this post:

The users in the thread stated that search won’t work if the site is password protected and that once unlocked and re-indexed, things worked. this site is password protected so I see that is the issue.

I also saw something I missed here

By default, everything on your site (excluding Symbols, Collection Lists, Utility Pages, and password-protected content) is indexed when you add search, and so users can discover this content when they search for something.

So that is the issue. I suppose this is solved.