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Site Search is missing content from results

Hey Webflowers,

I’m setting up Webflow Site Search for the first time on a site and for the most part it’s been very easy. However, for some reason I can’t figure out, there are results missing from the Search Results page. The goal of the search is for a user to be able to search any keyword used in a Stories collection item and a Hall of Fame collection item and see those results so they can read that story.

Currently I have search working on the live site (, but if you search a keyword used in the rich text field of the Stories collection it won’t pull in that result at all. However, It will pull in the story if you use a keyword from the Stories name field.

For example: if you Search “cannon” it should bring up this story, but it doesn’t because the word “cannon” is only used in the body of the story (the rich text field). If you search “Lawmakers”, however, it brings up the story just fine.

The odd thing is that it will work when using the Preview results field in search results setting, but when I publish the site it doesn’t work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Victory Fund – 30th Anniversary Microsite

@samliew @PixelGeek Sorry to @mention you specifically, but I haven’t had much luck getting responses to my last couple cries for help. Do either of you have a few minutes to help me solve this?

How long has the issue been going on? For me a while back on 1 Webflow project, it took Webflow some time to “index” the new content, so it was like 24-48 hours before the site search results were up to date.

PS - good news is that story you mentioned is appearing for me when I search “cannon.”
PPS - sorry if this is obvious, but the only other thing i would check is in page settings… i know you can “exclude this page from site search results” - make sure that box isn’t checked on various pages.

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sorry I’m not Webflow staff so I can’t help much

@drew-flps A bit late here, but just wanted to say thanks for your response! You were right about the indexing. I had fixed the page settings to be sure they were included in the results, but I don’t think the site had been indexed again so it initially looked like it wasn’t working. All is well now. Thanks for your help!