Site Search shows static pages, but not showing results from CMS

The Site Search function seems to work when searching for any content on a static page, but it will not find anything from the CMS.

I published and manually indexed the site over 48 hours ago… and every couple of hours of the day since. I have tried un-publishing and re-publishing the staging site. I even changed the name of the staging site to see if that would help. (I fear this change may have set me on another 24-hour wait to see if it worked.)

And yes… I have contacted support. It was a little under 24 hours ago, and I have not heard back from them yet.

It may be worth mentioning that the auto-sitemap feature only picked up the static pages. I created one with a third-party site, turned off the auto site map, pasted the third-party version in, republished, saw that it worked, deleted that one, and turned auto-site mapping back on. Now, it still shows the third-party sitemap. I believe this is correct because the CMS has over 1200 items in it, but the sitemap that is showing does not show that many.

Hey Chris,

There’s nothing the community can do to assist you with systems issues, and due to the sitemap issue, my guess is that this falls in that category. Webflow added the ability to exclude pages from the sitemap recently but I don’t believe that applies to CMS collection pages.

Also another post here recently showed a similar sitemap issue so I suspect it’s connected.

You can check your collection page settings;

  • verify the page is published
  • verify that there is no “exclude from sitemap” setting
  • verify that the page is included in site search results as well

I’d also double-check your sitemap is auto-generated. Maybe switch it off, publish, switch it on, publish again.

That’s about all you can do. Wiggle the wires, and restart the bugger. Blow the dust out, give it a swift kick. That kind of thing.

I appreciate the quick reply. That’s what I expected I would get back. Disappointing, to say the least. I hoped someone might have experienced the same issue and remembered the series of wire wiggling, dust-blowing, and the particular prayer/incantation they used to make it work.

Question about that last bullet point… You may have identified the original issue.

I had assumed this checkbox meant, “Don’t show me results FROM this page when I search for something.” (That makes sense, right?) I only unchecked it earlier today, hoping it was one of those wires that needed wiggling.

I sure hope that’s the issue. I’m way past due to show progress to the client and I’m getting nervous that I won’t be able to count on Webflow here. (A first for me.)

Thank you for the detailed reply. A couple of things to note…

  • The site search results page will index itself. :crazy_face:

  • I’ll ponder your idea of using something other than webflow’s search, but it sounds like it wouldn’t be as powerful as what I experienced in my early testing with Webflow search (on collection pages). Among other things, in that test, it took some minor misspellings and interpreted the correct meaning.

One last question… If I don’t see an answer back from Webflow by midday tomorrow, what is your experience resolving issues like this (or having seen odd system issues like this)?

Do you think there’s a likely case of me needing to create a whole new version of the site? Or a whole new account? If so, I’m going to go ahead and get moving in that direction, rather than spending any more time on a glitchy version.

That makes no sense… that would be like indexing the 404 page.

The filtering approach is much more powerful and controllable, and you can present items much better- but yes you’re correct that site search has a couple of advantages-

  • Searches every page on the site
  • Can handle misspellings
  • Searches the entire text content, including large rich text fields. This is less common for filtering approaches.

By contrast, filtering-

  • Lets you focus on the item types you want
  • Lets you present exactly what you want from them
  • Lets you apply multiple dimensions of filtering e.g. dinner + pescatarian + part of the dish name
  • No 3 day wait for indexing updates
  • Lets you deliver hundreds or thousands of results, not just 20

If you hit limits with search, there’s no reason you can’t do both, or even merge them together [ creative programming there though ].

No clue, sure you could rebuild it, but zero guarantee it won’t happen again.

GOOD NEWS! :tada:
I duplicated the site, transferred the hosting plan, published it, and reindexed. Within 30 minutes, the search is working as expected.

Thank you again, @memetican, for being willing to jump in and help me troubleshoot. If it were not for you helping me think through this problem, I would still be waiting for someone to call.

Also… FYI

  • It seems to be searching every page (that I don’t have indexing turned off.)
  • It handles misspellings.
  • It searches those large, rich text fields stored in a collection.
  • It handles multiple keywords, returning all for each word input.
  • On the plan I am on, I can re-index every hour.
  • My first search was an extremely general keyword, and it was not limited to 20.

Considering how new it is, I expect the capabilities will only improve after they work out those glitches.

I duplicated the site, transferred the hosting plan, published it, and reindexed. Within 30 minutes, the search is working as expected.

Had the same issue and tried this, seems like this is the only solution that’s working right now for this issue.