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Site search beta discussion

Is it possible to set columns/rows layout for the search results in the same way you get the option when adding a dynamic list ?

Like this:



Great idea. Adding it to our list of enhancements!

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It would be nice if elements on a collection page that are hidden due to a condition are also hidden from search results automatically. This should also apply to child elements.

For instance, I have multiple text elements that are linked dynamically to a date in the collection but show/hide based on conditions to the date/time input. This displays the correct date format depending on conditional factors. On the search page, I see multiple instances of the date in a row with the different formatting.


Awesome - this will mean (online store) I can essentially style the search results in the same style as the product item listings = for the user it will feel more like typing in and applying their own filters, and less like a standard search experience…

Does that make sense?

:+1: :smile:

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Good point. I’ll look into this.

Here’s a shop with customized results:

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So far, I’ve got it to index and work properly as I wanted it to. Is there no way to access the search data? I can see how many search queries have been made and how many times it’s been indexed on the site settings page.

Hi @nabbiechan

Hoping there might be an internal WF way to do this in future, but there is currently this option:

Hope that helps

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Thanks @forresto

I’ve managed to style mine as hoped - but it definitely feels more intuitive (to me) to have similar column options like with dynamic lists. Psychologically, i’m seeing the lilac ‘dynamic’ colouring and expecting the same options for initial formatting.



Thanks buddy!

Have implemented this and will see how it goes with analytics.

Is there any way to filter our a site search to specific conditions? For example, only showing a specific type of collection item based on a criteria like how it’s done with dynamic lists. There are items in the collection that I don’t want to show in the results but I also don’t want to archive them because of it.

I think it would be useful to be able to pick the title’s from the CMS items itself, instead of their search index title.

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Hi @guido! I left this message in the other thread as well, but you can define the Search Title in the settings for each page and dynamic template page (by default it uses the SEO Meta Title).

Hi @nabbiechan you can exclude entire pages, dynamic template pages, individual elements and their contents from the index. You can exclude the elements in the settings panel for each element.

Hi, I have reindexed my site today and published. The pages I have excluded in site search are still showing? I have checked that the site has indeed been reindexed and it is showing I can’t re do for 24 hours so assume it has been reindexed, how long can I expect the excluded pages to be cleared for the site search results?

Hi, assume you are not using webflow search now and have opted for another option?

As I see, there is just a possibility to exclude pages, or not. Is there any way to filter the search for certain areas, as I have to build a blog with 5 languages, what is possible by principe, but without search filtered by this language areas.

Any hints?

Hi Linda,

I don’t think excluding a Div content is going to help, because I want to search results filtered out so it’s only showing certain pages that fit the criteria. Not necessarily hiding a part of the page.

So for example if I have a “blog” collection and this blog has items that include different types, I only want to show one type of blog in the search result.

for now I am using SearchIQ as its much easier to integrate and customise. Search on Webflow needs a lot of work still I think. :slight_smile: I would prefer a seamless option though.

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I integrated Search IQ around 2 weeks before Webflow released their beta, but I’ve opted for Webflows search since it’s been released.

The thing with SearchIQ I liked was the real-time search. I think I might be going back to it for the short term… Up to 2000 items was free too and you can manually index as often as you like.

I feel a little peeved that I’ve just upgraded to Pro plan, yet Webflow keeps advertising Business Hosting to be able to index more than once in 24 hours. As if the $200+ a month I spend with Webflow isn’t enough… :unamused: