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My Webflow + Foxycart + WF search site :-) All feedback welcome!

Hello everyone,

So this is almost ready to go and I’d love your feedback on product browsing…

  • Do you find it easy to navigate through the categories and products? (Please let me know which device you’re using if commenting :grin:)

  • Is it easy enough for you to understand Add to Cart and checkout options?

  • Do you think the layout should be different/better?.
    (it could always be different of course, but should it be?)

A lot of magicians or magic enthusiasts will know what they’re looking for and want to find it quickly, so the idea is that the search allows them to do so, while giving others the option to browse and find new things.
(We’re still adding static pages and categories to some of the items so they may show as (item not found) at the top).

If there are any magic enthusiasts out there and would like 20% the store prices, drop me a message as I have a code to use at checkout.

Thanks to @foxy for the support too, Josh there has been great so far. I have won another project off the usability of Foxycart. :star_struck:

Oh, and thanks to Webflow for making it easy to import 1300 items!!! I thought we were going to have to create every one individually at one point! :pray:t2: :joy:


Had a very quick look. Overall impression is good. A very small thing I noticed: The logo in navbar could/should be linked, so that if you click it, you get back to the homepage. (even if you also can click “Home” in nav bar).

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Great point thank you, I’ve added that.

I like it. Looks easy to navigate.

Hi @magicmark,

I like what you did here, but from an operational and business point of view, would you mind sharing why you opted for Webflow + Foxy and not a stand alone eCommerce solution?

I’m a big fan of Webflow, but when it comes to eCommerce I’m not sure if it’s the right solution today, especially as in a setup like yours, you need to pay for webflow and for Foxy. It makes it difficult to make a margin when reselling it to customers (unless selling only the creative work of course). So I’d be interest to get your view and understand what drove your choice here.


Thank you @mikelson

@Pasint I think it comes down to personal preference really. I’m no expert at Webflow at all, but I like ease of the editor for the client and foxycart is fairly straight forward to integrate. Shopify is powerful too, but as far as I understand with Shopify + Webflow you have to create individual buttons. Not ideal for 1300 items.

Easy for the client to use
Now it’s all set up, all the shop owner needs to do is simply add a product to the CMS, and that’s it. He doesn’t actually need to access Foxycart if he doesn’t want to, I can set up coupons etc within the monthly fee. The ONLY downside at the moment to this set up is inventory control, but I believe in @webflow and know they’ll be working on that. This client is not computer literate, but he loves the set up.

I don’t know too much about this, as I haven’t used other e-commerce solutions. $40 per month total (Webflow + Foxy) for the first 100 transactions and WF provide an SSL certificate too.

Making a margin
Without discussing exact figures the way I’ve made it work with this client and my next client too is that they cover the monthly fees and I charge a commission on the takings (not profit, that’s down to them). $40 a month is not expensive for an e-commerce site by any means.

The more I work at making the website profitable for them, it becomes lucrative for me as well and it’s a long term income. Once we hit certain targets, then we re-assess the commission structure.

If the client is only selling cheap small items once or twice a month then $50 a month + your profit will seem steep, it really aimed at the clients who know that investing a little extra will get them more return.

What are your expectations of price when it comes to e-commerce? Its always good to know what options are out there.

Yeah, I agree that Webflow’s Designer and Editor make it very powerful and very user friendly. It’s what got me to the platform. But these tools are missing for the eCommerce solutions, or maybe I should actually dig a bit deeper into @foxy’s solution…

Regarding pricing for eCommerce, and this is from my personal experience, $40 is what the final customer (I’m speaking about small businesses here) are ready to pay. I’ve seen a couple ready to go up to $90, but in general if you get near charging $50/month for it, you’d be on the expensive side and will struggle selling the solution.

I think your commission based approach is fair, but it works if there’s a decent level of sales. Otherwise you need to get tons of websites done to start earning a living… I’d aim to at least make $15/month margin on hosting to at least cover all the admin work, so paying for the ecommerce solution $25 tops.

To be honest, I’m really unsure what solution to sell to the customers I visit. I’ve tried the ones like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Ecwid, BigCommerce but have not been fully convinced by either one. WooCommerce is a pain, Prestashop’s got a bit of a learning curve, Ecwid UX is too limited (though pricing is good), BigCommerce is expensive to get full features…

So I guess you’re right, it’s a personal decision, but as I’m working with small companies, I struggle to find a Webflow compatible solution that fits with the budget of my customers and potential customers…

Thanks for your insight in any case, I might look at Foxy a bit more.

@magicmark and @Pasint
For what it’s worth, you can save even more with our annual plan ($180/yr). We offer a 10% discount for non-profits. Also, designers get 15% recurring commission (of what your clients pay Foxy each month/year) with our free affiliate program:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


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