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Site search in beta

Today marks the beta release of site search: a brand new component in your Add panel that lets you add completely customizable search to your sites. Site search is included on all sites on CMS and Business hosting. (To jump right into learning, check out our new site search guide on Webflow University).

When we say “completely customizable search,” we’re talking about:

Search component design

Add the search component to your page and style the layout and design of your search just as you’d style any form element (now including placeholder text).

Search bar, styled.

Search results page

Once you add search to your site, you’ll see a new search results utility page, which you can style to any layout you have in mind — with search result styling working similarly to styling Collection lists and CMS content.

Styling search results works a lot like styling Collection Lists.

Search content

Beyond design, you can exclude specific pages, Collections, or even elements from search so your results are the best they can be.

page settings search settings
Exclude pages from search and set custom titles and thumbnails for search results.

What does “beta” mean?

During the beta, reindexing is only possible via manual indexing, which is available once every 24 hours on CMS hosting and once every hour on Business hosting.

search settings reindex
:gear:, :mag:

Automatic, scheduled reindexing is under development and will be available at launch.

Where can I learn more?

To learn all there is to know about how to add search to your Webflow sites, check out the new site search guide on Webflow University.

As always, we appreciate any feedback, so let us know your thoughts in the site search discussion thread.


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