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Site moved from Wordpress to Webflow

Hello to all awesome people here! :smile:

I would want to share with you one of my latest done project. This site previously was designed in Wordpress and its owner hired me to “move it” to Webflow.

So it has been totally re-created in Webflow (using CMS) and added some design improvements. Now sites owner is totally happy and we are waiting for the “custom code field” feature for create really cool e-commerce part

OLD site design:

NEW site design:

public page:

live site:


great job! :smiley:

Thank you, Nelson! Webflow is definitely help to makes people happy! :smile:

Nicely done. Looks oh so better :slight_smile: I’m wondering if there were any existing blog posts you had to recreate? If ever, can you share how you imported all of these easy over to WF? :joy:

Please how did move the site from wordpress to webflow. Sorry i’m pretty new to webflow :slight_smile:

Hi, @arvel.

No, there weren’t any blog posts. So I was lucky with that.

Hello, @askfast_ng.

There no really fast tool for that. You have to re-create whole structure in Webflow.