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My first Webflow project is completed!

Having looked at a myriad of website builders, Webflow has truly been a godsend among the options out there. I work for a ground transportation enterprise solutions provider and their website was a disgrace.

Old Site:

With Webflow I was able to build a site in under 3 weeks at the pace of my co-workers who contributed.

New (soon to launch) Site:

Technical people at my job have taken notice and are definitely interested in using Webflow to publish quick page designs for our online apps, which center around reservation systems requiring extensive form type designs. I’m really excited at the prospect as I would love nothing more than be able to use Webflow, graphic design, and UX design skills to build page upon page of HTML beauty. :blush:

I just want to thank the supporting staff of the Webflow team @thesergie @callmevlad just to name a few for taking the time to dissect the big and small problems along the way! Way to go guys!


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Sure thing RJ! The new site looks awesome and is a big improvement over the old site.

I noticed that the images on your site are very large (1.2MB) - that’s why the page seems like its taking a long time to load. I would try to compress them down to below 150mb if you can. That will make the site a lot snappier!

@rvela Hey! Great job! I like this site.I do agree with @thesergie the images are quite large. but otherwise I think it’s a nice site! :smile:

Good Luck!

If you cannot make your site to render quickly you can always create a new block that fills the entire screen with position: fixed make a loading gif to appear in the middle and add little code to custom code before </body> so people will see that neat loading thingy ;D

$(window).load(function() {

Thanks for the feedback all – files have been optimized!

Awesome! The site loads a lot faster now. Again - this is a solid redesign! Great job!

also, you need to add a HiDPI logo as it looks fuzzy on my retina, which webflow can accommodate. I would get rid of the underlines for the nav links and so something else that is more interesting and current.

Looking good overall, though :slight_smile: