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Corporate website done with webflow

Hi guys!

Here is my new work as designer and front-end developer, website is build in webflow and works on custom CMS.

Please tell me what you think about!

Big up and respect!


Dude! That is beautiful! Great job!

Super smooth looking and luxurious.

Nice build!!! It’s beautiful! :slight_smile:
Nice utilization of the Yandex.Metrika counter as well. :slight_smile: And lovely load-in interactions and parallax scrolls. :smile:

I agree, very nice site, very well done.

The only thing I would suggest is consider your audience and how they would view or react. Visually, the opening slide is stunning, makes you want to take a step back and admire it. Just picture the lady saying to her husband, ‘Oh George, look how nice this is, maybe after we pay jimmy’s college tuition in the fall we can trade in the … and…’ How old is your target audience? When George and his wife take a step back to admire, they can no longer see much of your text and then have to squint. Im in that over 40 age group that wont put reading glasses on yet. I just relax and lean back and then I can see it, if it is clear and defined. Try it, the white body text could be a notch bigger, however, it’s more about the space between the letters, that would solve most of it… The white navbar text are a couple years short of just appearing as squiggly lines to me because there is too little space separating the letters making me have to squint or get closer to the screen to read. The thin black text is overwhelmed and crushed by the bright white background. Im my case, unless my wife is younger than me and doing the navigating, I move on quick so I don’t feel aged. Make it an easy read so he has no excuse for her why she cant have it.

If you think that your audience age is a really good mix, then a simple text resizer on the site is good, but space between the letters adds a ton of definition

Regardless, great site, short, sweet, makes a bold statement

Thank you for your advanced comment, building next website i’ll try to pay more attention to portrait of the target audience and typography in project. Thank you for your opinion!

Thank you, nice to hear from Webflow stuff :slight_smile: