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Site Redesign - Style Clothing Co

Hey you guys! It’s been a while since i’ve posted :frowning:

Been busy with work and other stuff. (Life of a graphic designer)

I’ve been meaning to redesign my clothing website because I felt it wasn’t converting users or informing them about what my clothing line is about. So I did reasearch. And more research… and… (you guessed it!) more research. I came to the conclusion that my old site wasn’t designed for that. It didn’t give the user any reason to click anything, let alone browse. Some of Webflow’s blog pages helped me realize that as well. So I hammered out this site with my team and I honestly think it’s the best i’ve done

It is far from complete, but it gives people an idea of what I do and makes users want to browse it.

Feedback so far is much appreciated. I plan on porting it to OctoberCMS for the shopping but I might not need to after Webflow announced their own CMS lol


Looks good!!! :slight_smile: @artistro08

For the video background, did you just set it to not display on tablet down and then had a different background instead for those? Nice mobile nav! :slight_smile:

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that’s exactly what i did. Video loading would take forever on mobile from what i’ve seen

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finally got it updated! here’s the live site. Hope you guys like!

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Cool site! Well done! However the hero video doesn’t fill out my entire iMac 21,5" screen.


Same here, no full screen video. Also check Exlusives in the menu

Thanks guys. Width wise or height wise?

It’s not full width on larger screens

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Thank you. I’ll change it here in a bit!

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can you guys check it out now? i think i nailed it this time