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Wordpress to Webflow


I know there is also 1 thread talking about that here but it’s closed.

A client needs a new CMS for his site built in Wordpress and he is interested about Webflow.

I know it is not possible to import the wordpress site to Webflow, but there is a lot of content on this WP site…

What would you recommend ?

I am thinking of building the entire site again on Webflow and maybe export their current CMS items to a spreadsheet and import it to WF CMS with Zapier.

What do you guys think about this ?

Thank you by advance !


While you could write a custom exporter from Wordpress using their WP Rest API, then write a custom importer using Webflow’s CMS API, it would be a lot easier using Zapier and Airtable.

Wordpress Rest API in case you’re interested for the future:

Wow thank you very much for this reply @JohnL, I will definitely take a look at this !


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