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Yep, another Webflow creation (Wordpress CMS)

Hi, i’m glad to show you my latest website build with Webflow. It’s a 6 pages webite that I have designed and integrated. In this case the client wanted to use Wordpress as their CMS, so we have managed to use the Webflow CSS and JS URL in a wordpress theme. After some debugging, everything works fines, and as a Webflow Designer, I can still use Webflow to customize the look and feel of this WebSite.

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Looks good and well done on the wordpress integration. Took a bit of hack and slash for me to work it out as well. Secret was not following some of the tutorials out there and just implement the html as css the webflow provides in the preview.

Good job!

Can you give more details about that please?

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Easy buddy :smile: Just use normalize.css from their git repo

Then do a preview of the template go into your debugger and find at the top the webflow css

/* ==========================================================================
Start of base Webflow CSS - If you’re looking for some ultra-clean CSS, skip the boilerplate and see the unminified code below.
========================================================================== */
@font-face{font-family:’ bla bla bla

then under this is your css so you can miss this out

Excellent site ! :slight_smile: I love it ! :slight_smile:

Just enqueue the scripts. This is how I did mine:

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Can I ask. If your client makes changes to the content, how do you then edit the site later in workflow and update without overwriting their updated content?

I make sure the client areas are defined within the design. That way they can’t break it :slight_smile:

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If I need to add a Class or some HTML code for this project, first I need to do this in Webflow, then I need to add-copy-paste the new change to the wordpress good PHP file. Of course I can do everything outside webflow, Wordpress and Webflow are only connected via CSS and JS webflow custom url. Also, if I made a change in Webflow, i must publish, copy and update CSS url in Wordpress Header to see change everytime.

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If your client will just upload or post a content(article post or page content), you need not to worry about it messing up your content. Because the content that your client added or posted will be stored in your database. You can do whatever you want to do with your design. For as long as you will not alter WP-CONTENT you’re ok. Everything goes within /wp-theme/yourtheme/, your content(article) is in a safe place(db). So whenever you make changes with your Webflow template, all you need to do is just RE-DO the WF to WP Templating as what gosselin07 have mentioned.

@gosselin07 Awesome work on the wordpress integration, how long would you estimate you spent integrating webflow to wordpress?

It’s probably easy as bunnies, but I’m not sure where to include this. I’m starting with the underscore framework by automaticc:

And I’m working through this tutorial as a reference.

Can anyone give some directions?

That’s basically it. You’re in the right path. That framework underscore is ok. Go for it.

Btw, there’s a LOT of video tutorial in youtube. Converting HTML to WP.:slight_smile:

My WP Dev worked about 4 weeks to achieve this.