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Subpages don't show in Google search


It’s been a while since I published my site and for some reason when I google it it just show the main link but not the sub pages underneath the main link in google search.

I got my site map sent:

But when I look at each page it displays this:

All pages are indexed and crawled but they do not appear in google search with the subpages underneath.

I also have my sitemap activated in the project settings in Weblow and the Google site verification ID.

Any help? :pensive:

Maybe you send a sitemap.xml for your https website and then looking for the http site?

Ah yes, seems that the referring page is stating http and the sitemap is https.

But when I google it I simle put the domain name. How can I solve this? is something I need to do in Webflow or in the Google Search Console?

In Google search you have to make an account for the HTTPS address of your website.