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Search engine results in structured format?

Hey there community! :raised_hands:

I know this must have been talked about before, but I can’t seem to find it via searching our forums. My apologies!

A client is asking how they can show up in search engine results in a more structured way. How to best structure our pages in Webflow so Google might display them accordingly in the SERPs?

For example, when you search for FedEx, the results look like this in a nice, formatted way:

Those are called sitelinks. Google will show them if it believes it helps the user. That is not something that you control directly.

I am specifically talking about the additional links under the organic result for FEDEX. Not the search snippet on the right.

Hey @adiggy

The FASTEST way to get your business on SERPS sidebar is to make Google My Business profile 100% completion.

You can use structured data snippits to improve your chances on appearing on Google’s Knowledge Graph and Featured Snippits.

Google uses Paragraphs, Tables, and Lists. Most snippits are under 60 words.

Append <meta name="googlebot" content="nosnippet"> only on pages where you don’t want snippits to be crawled. This will prioritize other pages for snippit eligibility.

Add structured data to your site and content.

Ahere to webflows semantic elements guide.

Content you should focus on to improve your featured snippit chances:

  • recipee pages
  • lists / best of lists / how to lists / etc pages
  • Item X VS Item Y pages
  • Definition pages
  1. Make sure Google My Business is configured 100%

  2. Make sure Google Search Console is configured 100%

  3. Make sure Google Analytics is configured 100%

  4. Properly attribute sections, containers, or div blocks as Header, Footer, Nav, Main, Section, Article, Aside, Address, Figures, etc in your webflow project

  5. In your CMS sections, bind refernce field to ‘Category’ types.

Support documentation:

Structured Data
Featured Snippits in Search
Google Featured Snippits by Neil Patel
Webflow semantic elements

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