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Google search results not correct with webflow settings?

Have configured all the settings with google sitemaps and done it all in google search console, I have it set to auto generate sitemap on webflow but on google it shows different text and headings than what i’ve set and I’m not sure where its getting the information from someone help explain this please?

This is what comes up on google and that’s not what I have in the webflow settings.

It then shows a different result if i dont put a space in the name ‘SightSee Travel’ and it comes up like this?

2 different results on google depending on how I type the name?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - SightSee

Hi @Kyle_Wright, thanks for the post. I can see that the published page is having updated information:

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This seems to match what I can see in the designer and looks as expected:

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Webflow allows you to update the on-page seo factors like meta info for page title and description etc, however once that is done the site should be submitted to Google for re-indexing.

The Google search index is not controlled by Webflow, but there are some steps you can take to update the index whenever on-page SEO factors are updated.

Note that Webflow does not auto-submit the sitemap for you, we auto-generate that and make it available for submission to Google via the Search Console.

Here is an article that may help: Build & Submit a Sitemap | Google Search Central

The time it takes for Google to update the index can vary from domain to domain.

I hope this helps!