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Site is off center

My site is off center and i cant for the love of god figure out how to fix it

  • here is the link

a picture of what it looks like


you have set a max-width of 1200px on your body element :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community @Staugaard!

Normally it’s best to include your read-only link so we can take a peek at how the project is setup in the Designer, but thankfully this is a fairly easy fix. The issue is that you’re setting the left and right margins of your body (in this case, the class is just “body”) to non-auto values:

Essentially you’re saying you want the margin on the left to be 34px from the edge along with 0px of margin on the right side—however you’ve set the max-width of the content itself to no more than 1200px. This means that on a monitor displaying a width larger than 1200px you’ll get this off center look.

Ideally as opposed to giving your body element these styles, you’d include a Container element within each section of the page (this can be the default Webflow component or a div with a max-width applied) but this element would have a left and right margin of “Auto”. With this setup it’s easy to change the max-width of the content across your whole site with one style change and utilize combo-classes to make larger or narrower versions.

The Webflow University has a great course on this that I’d recommend you check out as it covers the benefit of this setup :+1:

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thanks you guys! am greatful for the help