New Comer with Bad Habit of Learning the Hard Way

So I’m new to Webflow and thought I’d just make an attempt to slap something together. So far I’ve not figured out why this project isn’t centering correctly. I’m certain there is a simple answer and my caveman education on Webflow is the culprit but I thought I’d use this opportunity to say hi also. Being a newbie here. Lol.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hmmm tried to upload a couple images for example

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You should really check out the University, in about 2 hours you can nearly master basic development in Webflow.

Set your components to auto, and use flexbox.

Thanks CT. I’ve started through the University videos. Which, since the suggestion of Flexbox didn’t work but putting all this content into a “box” did work after I had to set a couple a manual settings as even the auto or do nothing first setting still left all the content off center. Heck trying to add sections in as mess, off center to the right of the browser also. Its as if the entire project starts out of wack. I feel as if I have a bandaid on it since entering elements as suggested in the beginning of the University videos, are “NOT” behaving as they do in the video. This suggests to me that something is broken with this project from the start. So, I need to figure that out. Thanks though.

Hi @Jon_Lyle!

I had a quick look at your share link, and the problem seems to be that you’ve added margin on both sides of the Body. So if you click on body and remove the margins in the styles panel, everything will be centered again. Then, I would recommend you to use a section, and put the container inside the section. Just to hold everything together in a nice way. If you want to use flexbox to make sure everything inside the container is centered, use flexbox on the container.

Hope this help.


YES!!! I knew it was something stupid simple I was neglecting to check or look at. That solved each of the problems I was dealing with. Thanks much for taking the time to look & provide the recomendation, much appreciate.

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