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Section not centered

I can’t figure out why content in my sections extends over the right edge.
Attached below a screenshot where you can see how the elements are structured on the page.

I checked all parent elements (container, body, section and divs) and the sections themselves but they all should center and contain whatever’s in there. As for the content (children of sections), it doesn’t matter what kind of element I put inside sections and how I treat these elements, my content keeps bleeding over the right edge, in any container…
I also tried to skip sections and containers and use divs only instead – the issue persists.

Any ideas as to where that problem is coming from?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

hi @Rapha good idea will be to share read only link

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - OIC_Wireframes_061321

Hi @Rapha here is one way (IMO easiest) how to fix your issues. As I do not know your final design to be applied (your visions) to lower viewports you will be probably need to adjust some elements to in certain viewports.

Thank you so much, Stan, for taking the time to make this instructional video!
That seems to do the trick, it’s now nicely centered.

The only issue I have now is that I can’t get rid of the padding left and right of the thumb wrapper.
In order to have a gutter between the thumbs I set the Lightbox Link to 90% so they’re visually separated (I tried the same with the product-thumb instead). But I can’t figure out how to push the outer thumbs snug to the edge (and center the middle one).

Any ideas?

Hi @Rapha you as web developer should know where the problem is, why this happened and how to fix it :wink: anyway here is short video about what is going on and how to I will delete this video later to save my Cloud space. Feel free to download it for later reference if needed.

Thank you, Stan!
I really appreciate your help.

Just to set the records straight:
I’m not a developer. This is my first real website that I’m trying to develop on my own.
I’m a designer and relatively new to this. I’m coming from Sketch and Adobe CC and I’m learning Webflow now. I’m learning Webflow because of their promise that you don’t need to know a single bit of code to create perfect working, responsive websites. That’s at least how they advertise it. And it seems that one of their main target audience is designers who come from a background like I do. I do know some CSS and XHTML basics and I do realize that some basic knowledge is helpful, if not needed.

What I mean is:
I’m a Webflow novice and I do run into problems sometimes and get stuck – that’s part of the learning process. So I’m very very appreciative of this forum and anyone who helps solving issues (including you). And I hope that by having these conversations here it will help other people like me too.

I get it. But – and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong – your comment “you as web developer should know where the problem is, why this happened and how to fix it” does seem a bit unnecessary, no?

hi @Rapha you have unfortunately fall into trap of false advertising of no-code platforms. Webflow is powerful platform (with weak spots) that’s why knowing how to build website is required (at least basics of HTML and CSS but more is better). I understand that you as Web designer by profession would like to expand your services to provide complex service from design to build. But using WF is IMO not good way how to start to understand whole website build, optimisation, SEO etc.

Web developer is profession that need some time to learn like many others (doctor, pilot, mechanic, carpenter …) So coming to WF with no knowledge will IMO cause more headaches than joy. So If I can I will suggest to invest some of your time to learn in code editor to build and style websites (or just elements) and then apply your knowledge to WF and you will find that your website styling will take fraction of your time compare to standard coding. That said because WF has its limitations you will end up with need of using custom code anyway. This mean that knowing how to code will be only beneficial to you.

I’m sorry that you get trapped but you not only one. Anyway good luck with your study to become web developer as it is great profession. :wink: