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Website is not showing correctly on my iPad - Body margin?!

Image explains it all? This problem occurec several time on many websites and it has nothing to do with wrong settings/css on my part. Any solution to this?

Btw, im just using webflow assets, because i didn’t have anything else that i could use, no worries.

Look at all your positions in your content. As well as make sure you have no fixed px widths.

Also please share your read only link so we could help you further. :wink:

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It is not a bug.

Unfortunately, it is exactly CSS settings that you are using:

  1. .e_servicediv” has a width 1200px , which is bigger that iPad width in “portrait” screen orientation

  2. then there is a bit weird behavior of row, for some reason, it is wider than container.

I would recommend you checking all settings once again


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Thanks so far.

I am going to check what’s wrong, still trying to figure everything out.

If I find the mistake i’ll let you know.

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