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Site auto published itself


Last week, I was reworking my hosted project and published it to the domain ONLY to send the link to steakholders. I did not chek in the hosted custom URLs, only URL. The next morning I get a call from the client that why the hell are the unapproved changes live?

I thought I accidentally published it.

However, the next day the very same thing happened. This time I was extremely careful, and I am 100% sure I did not publish changes to the main website, only to the domain. Yet changes went live.

My client was very angry and I seemed quite unprofessional.

Is there something I am missing? Is there an auto publish setting somewhere?

This was a very similar problem to this guy’s issue: Webflow Publish Destination Disable Auto Publish to All Domain (Btw you didn’t quite answer his problem.)

Please let me know what’s the deal here. I don’t think my client would accept one more auto-publish mistake.

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@norbertdragan I’ve had exactly the same problem recently, but I thought I’d just done it incorrectly or I’d misunderstood the ability for selection, I’d be interested to hear the explanation on this.

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Thank you for letting us know over email that a Content Editor possibly published the site causing the changes to go live before you published the site in the Designer.

When you publish from the CMS Editor, it publishes the full site, including changes made in the Designer.

My recommendation would be to coordinate with your Content Editors in regards to when updates should be published to prevent this from happening in the future.

NOTE: I am moving this post from the Bug category to the General category as it was not a bug.

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Hey @Waldo, actually from a User Experience point of view this feels like a substantial bug.

I’ve never seen documentation that states any changes made by a Collaborator / Editor actually publishes work made by the Designer as well. The assumption I’m sure majority of Webflowers have is that the CMS Editor will only publish Editor changes, at least I did until today.

The last week has resulted in me having to delete design work that’s in progress because a blog editor has accidentally published my half finished navbar or new pages with unfinished content. Like @norbertdragan, I also couldn’t work out why.

As my current build has a high level of traffic, any broken element is picked up on very quickly and customers will reach out about it, sometimes even to the CEO…

I need a workaround for this as it’s making me look like I don’t have control over the web project and keep making mistakes.

Sean M

This has already been raised here

Thanks to @vincent, my workaround:

I created a “dev” folder, added password protection and copied over the pages that I’m working on. Once the pages are done, I switch them with the old (live) ones and publish them. It’s kinda like having a .dev environment and a live one.

Until Webflow resolves the issue, this works in most cases. But I agree that this is a major UX issue - I certainly lost some reputation with my client thanks to the way Editor publishing works.


Hey @samliew, respectfully I don’t believe this should be voted on, rather it should be rectified as soon as possible. The messaging within the platform is misleading (or completely ambiguous) regarding how this function works.

An example of this uncertainty is: if I publish to my Editors see that their content has been published, they then freak out because their blog post in unfinished, so click Draft and Publish, only to then publish ALL of our changes to the live .com site… This is a nightmare to manage.

Additionally, Designer changes do not seem to show up for my Editors, so when a Collaborator publishes their content, they are given no indication that anything other than their changes will be published. (I actually tested this this morning with a client to make sure I’m not imagining things).

Either the notifications in the Editor needs to reflect what’s actually going to be published (perhaps coupled with a warning pop up) or the Designer and Editor changes must be published separately.

Over the 2 years I’ve been using Webflow I had always had the impression this was standard and it makes sense regarding the client feedback I received but could never explain.


Hey @norbertdragan, while this might be a quick fix for some basic aspects of a web build, it unfortunately doesn’t solve the issue of working with CMS collections, Symbols, Navbars, and so on…

I really do hope this isn’t a ‘feature’ that gets considered for deployment a year from now…

Hi @cyberdave, I’d very much like to get your opinion on this if I could.

This has caused me a mountain of problems lately with my freelance clients and my 9-5 boss is subsequently concerned about our future with Webflow because of it :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @quarshcreative, I can appreciate the frustration over the lack of ability to separately publish the editor changes from the designer changes, however this ability is not yet available, i.e. not yet built into the platform.

I totally agree that selective staging for the editors is the best solution, however I cannot yet give you a timeline when this will be implemented.

As soon as there is more info on new features for this, I will provide an update.

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