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Publishing conflicts with site collaborators

I must be missing something because I can’t believe Webflow is designed like this. I’m running a simple site with CMS-based news articles. I’ve made some unpublished changes to the site design in the designer. Before I’ve finished, my client has logged in to the editor and published a new news article. When they published the news article (CMS item) the design changes I was working on have been published to the live site. How do I prevent this happening?

Only by coordinating with your other collaborators on publishing. Webflow does not provide granularity on publishing which is a real limitation. You can publish CMS items without publishing the whole site. That might be a workaround for you.

Thanks Jeff. How do I make sure the editors only publish CMS items and not my design changes?

I don’t use the editor but I do publish CMS items via the designer. I coordinate with my clients via chat so that’s how I avoid collisions. Right now education is the only way to avoid issues. I much prefer instant per page publishing on the other CMS’s I use.

Wow! Thanks Jeff. I posted a related question recently but in the last hour have just had to clean up from unfinished design changes being pushed live. My blood pressure (and reputation) can’t cope with this situation so I’m going to bite the bullet and move the site from Webflow ASAP. It’s really sad as I think the design tools are really efficient. I just can’t believe the publishing/version control/multi-user experience is so bad. Unfortunately, (for me) the only way to find this out is when the site is in production. Lesson learned.

It is not hard to migrate designs to other CMS’s if you are comfortable with coding. I use Processwire, Statamic, Craft, and sometimes Wordpress. Udesly has some nice tools for WP conversion. On WP Oxygen Builder is my new friend but then I don’t bother with WF.

I think I’m going to use 11ty + netlify. It should do everything I want and hopefully avoid me looking like a complete amateur to clients…there’s only so many times one can say “its a limitation of the platform I built it on” before it gets old. I honestly can’t believe this isn’t more of an issue in the WF community…even the most basic sites must have design change issues (just the lack of an “undo” that has to be solved with a “publish” and then restore work around is mind blowing). Anyway, thanks for your input, good to know I’m not missing something everyone else knows :grinning: