Published by editor also publish my staging design

Hi everybody,

I notice an inconvenient behaviour but wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not.

I was working on a client project update and made sure my publishing targeting options were set on my staging subdomain for testing purposes with the client.

I didn’t publish it anyway but my client called me saying there was some changes on the live website.
It appears that publishing from their editor/CMS also published my changes in the designer.

Even if I might have forgotten a setting somewhere, the client shouldn’t be able to publish design changes. It’s like all the changes data that are being pushed when publishing are shared between editors and the designer.

Anybody experiencing a similar issue and have been able to solve it? Or any feedback from @webflow on that matter?



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Hi @Maximosaurus, at the moment, if the client does a full publish, this will also publish the design changes that exist on the site, both the domain or the custom domain.

To avoid this, make sure to have the client use the single item publishing instead of a full publish. Take a peek here: Publish individual CMS items | Webflow Features

I hope this helps.

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Thank you @cyberdave for the fast answer,

It is exactly what I needed to keep working on these updates in peace.

It would be nice to have some privileges control over what the client can publish from the editor on future updates though. The save dropdown publish button is not very intuitive for the client.

This is really, really, really, really… really, really, really BAD!
I just cannot believe that editors will have to publish other people’s changes in order to publish their modifications! (Only exception being CSM items.)
I mean, how can I sell this to an organisation? People will publish each other without knowing exactly what they are publishing? On top of it they’ll publish the Designer’s work in progress!?!? How can this be the case? How can Webflow not have come further in the years they’e built the system. This seems so rudimentary and wrong that the Editor should be considered as ‘private beta’ or something like that.


@cyberdave It’s been quite awhile that this feature has been requested, whereby Editors should be able to select where to publish their changes like Designers do:

Publishing options:
→ Custom Domain
→ Subdomain

I think there’s many of us who are using Webflow to work with big clients and organizations losing our clients bcuz this feature is lacking. What’s the dev team’s take on this? It’s really frustrating.


I just experienced this today. I had some major changes being reviewed for publish in the designer and one of our content editors published to the blog, which published all my changes. My changes were not supposed to go live till next week. Now I’m scrambling to fix it and hide all the links.

Not okay.

Changes to the CMS items and publishing from the designer should be separate actions, in my opinion. Our blog writers are not designers and the fact that they are publishing my unfinished work isn’t cool. Their post should publish independent from the work I’m doing.

I see there’s an option to publish a single post, but it’s hidden, and it’s hidden for the wrong audience for it to be hidden from.

Please please fix this.


Have to side with @Brandon_Smith i just experienced this too. And i don’t understand how this cannot be resolved after two years. Please fix this.


Same here. I’m working on a website where only one page should be without a password. I’m publishing everything on the domain, but when the client is publishing (sometimes working at the same time) all the changes are being published on the main domain. This is so inconvenient because then I have to put a password on every page that shouldn’t be visible and publish it again.

To be honest, from all I read in the forums it seems that the quickest and immediate (really apply immediately Webflow!!!) is to remove the Publish button for the Editors. This would save us soooo much trouble and I personally don’t mind receiving a message from the editor when they want me to publish it for them. Yes, will loose some pressious 15 seconds, but I prefer it to wasting hours in trying to resolve all the mess that happens when someone new to this Webflow issues works with the Editor.

@Webflow - get rid of this Publish button in Editor NOW!


I just solve my problem by hiding the Publish button from Editors with this embed code:

  * Staging Improvements

  .w-editor-publish-controls .w-editor-publish {
    display: none !important;

With this way, only Designers can publish website to staging or production.

Everything’s under control now.

I hope it helps.


Thanks! Your little ‘hack’ is actually a good ‘stop-gap’ solution until webflow gets their things together and handles this better natively.

Yes, I also encountered the same problem recently when I joined a new company.
I tried to figure it out how to have a control over publishing on Editor dashboard, but didn’t got a solution for that.

Hiding the publish button will not resolve the issue where you have 10 collaborators.
Help me with something more efficient!

OH WOW, so simple yet so effective! Great great job thinking outside of the box @hayatbiralem and dumbing things down! I was here about to ask for some sort of settings page and some complex sort of permissions dynamic and here you are with a super clean and quick solution!

Thanks once again @hayatbiralem

Has there been any change/fix to this issue?

Scenario: Webflow is allowing a guest editor to edit a piece of content but not allowed to edit, let’s say the padding of that text box. Now if I’m in the designer and change the padding to that text box but am not ready to publish it yet…and then the guest editor hits “publish”, it publishes my change to the padding. How is this a thing? What if it’s a much more impactful edit than padding?

Isn’t this supposed to be convenient for a client to be able to go in and make changes to the content without needing to contact the designer/developer? Instead, there would still need to be communication with a client. The client would have to contact me and say “I’m about to publish, are you in the middle of any large site updates that haven’t been tested yet or are not ready to go live?”

For a client to think they are simply going in to change a “.” to a “!” and all of a sudden they publish a big update that’s nowhere near ready to go live?

Am I making the correct assumptions or am I missing something?

All I really would like to do is tell my client they can go in and add to a CMS collection and publish but have no other permissions. Is this possible?


The point you raise makes complete sense, but while there’s not a good solution for this, here’s what works for me:

It’s been working pretty well

Thanks I think that combination is a great start.

Not sure that’s much of a solution. My clients want to point at a bit of text and edit on-page, no matter whether this is part of a static page or a collection. Your solution would mean they can’t publish any change to content on that isn’t held in a collection.