Client can't publish CMS posts when last website publish was to the staging

I was wondering if anyone knows why Webflow prevents my clients from publishing their blog posts to the live website if my last designer website publish was to the staging environment only.

As soon as I publish to the live again, the client can also publish their blog posts.


I can’t speak to the internal architecture governing this, but I’m actually glad to hear this.
There used to be a bug where if you were designing a piece of the site, and publishing to staging… and then an editor published a blog post, your not-yet-finished changes would get published to production as well.


If you think about it, Webflow is maintaining three versions of the site. The designer version, the version published to staging, and the version published to production. For changes like “add a section to the homepage”, that flow is clean - dev → test → prod.

But there are shared systems here too. The CMS. Logic, ECom. User accounts. If you add a blog post through the API, what does it affect? What happens if you’ve removed a collection field in dev, but it still exists in prod?

Webflow’s trying to build a platform where these technical details are invisible to users, so they have to implement rules and restrictions to get you safely from point A to point B.

Interesting. If you look from it as a whole website publish instead of a separate CMS publish it seems more obvious.

The frustrating issue is that while I’m still working on the website, I got to publish my “unfinished” work in the designer to prod to make it possible for the client to publish the finished blog posts.

I understand that there are workarounds to not show my unfinished work, but still a bummer.

I fully agree. My approach is to do bite-sized work, and build big features like a homepage redesign on separate sitemap-suppressed pages or cloned sites.

It’s highly inconvenient and adds work, but if you plan for that it’s not too bad of an added time cost.

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