Single form directing to different email addresses based on product selection

I have a work task where we want to send the submitted sales enquiry form to different email addresses based on the product type the client selects. I would use a select dropdown or radio buttons input for the product selection.

My idea is that the value of the selected product could be bound to the email subject line for filtering to the different email addresses.

I have had a look around on this forum but can’t find the answer I need.

Thank you

This is fairly trivial.

You could go the custom code (Javascript) route but I like to avoid that and instead lean on a glue service like

Here’s how I approach it…

  1. Submit your forms to a Webhook.
  2. Add a Flow Control → Router Module.
  3. Filter for each form option selected.
  4. Use an Email Module to pop off an email to a specific address based upon the form option submitted by your users.

Thanks @ChrisDrit for your reply and helpful breakdown steps. Would you know of any good tutorials around setting this up. This is my first time (attempting) to create the webhook and flow control.
Thanks again

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@Kerry no problem.

Here are a couple to get you started:

The above walks through setting up Webhooks. It demonstrates this with Integromat, but they’ve just rebranded to Make. All the steps are the same.

This one takes a deeper dive into using Webhooks.

I have many more if you dig around on

Let me know if you have questions, happy to help.