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Multiple forms directing to different email addresses

It seems multiple forms can be added to web flow in the design area but I only see one form listed in the dashboard. I would like to have 3 forms on a site each directing email to a different email address. Is this possible?

Hi @jdesign - we don’t have that ability at the moment but you can set up a Gmail filter that will forward the mail to another address based off of the subject line in the email.


hmm. my reply seems to have been deleted ?

@Revolution Could you repost if you have another solution.

not sure what happened to my reply… but @brryants suggestion was better anyways

  • as I’m guessing you want to host on Webflow.

What I had said was… you can’t do it unless you export the website to your server.

Once on your server… you can do whatever you want.

You could direct a specific form to 1 or more email address…
and a different form is a different email… or addresses.

Webflow (currently) only allows 1 email address for for all forms to be sent to 1 email address.

So… as I said (@brryant 's) suggestion was better (especially if you don’t want to export the website).

With his solution… Webflow would send all form mail to (you)
and a gmail filter would forward to the message to 1 or more recipients (with different email addresses).

What do you mean form validation doesn’t work?

if you use a php script for forms on webflow, form validation does not work in safari. You can submit an empty form. It is a safari issue.

Hey Webflow team! i think a gmail account is to complicated for just setting up a different form.
Please have a look again on this small issue for you, and big help for several of us!


I’m just revisiting this, because its becoming increasingly relevant in the requests i’m getting from my clients…who have separate mailboxes for either separate departments, or separate geographic locations. I was unable to get the Gmail filter to work, even with the help of DFInk so im a bit stuck to be honest.

It would be great to specify the mailbox that it gets sent per form.

I currently us to receive form data from webflow and send the email to the user from there.

This is my workflow

Connect you webflow project to you zapier account.

In your form add an embed widget and add some hidden data like email address contact name ect…

<input type="hidden" value="Email address " name="Email" />

Setup a zap with zapier email to collect the form data and configure so it will use the hidden email on the form to send the email.

You can also make a form work with the cms by binding cms data in you hidden fields inside of the embed widget.

Thanks ryanmadhorse

Sorry for a stupid question but how would i add an embed widget to a form? And what is hidden data…sorry i’m a bit of noob.

I am aware of zapier though.

No worries, I call it the embed widget but it’s under the components section of the Element panel. It’s right next to the google+ element.

Just make sure you place the Embed Component inside of the Form DIV like this. I put mine right before the submit button

The HTMl code to use inside of the embed component is.

Here is an example of what it would look like added to the Embed Component

Here is an example of what you can do in zapier I have an event form a church website.
I add the event info in the hidden data so it can also be used inside zapier and it will send to email notifications. One to the contact person for the event. And a confirmation email to the user that signed up.

The real power of this setup is that you can us the dynamic embed feature with the CMS. I use this for an Event collection so every time the client creates an event they also have sign up form for that event.


@ryanmadhorse - Awesome little demonstration of Zapier integration. Thanks for that!

Thanks very much for the detailed explanation.

So what is that doing then?
Is the hidden email effectively sending the email to the desired location email address.

And then you using Zapier integration to send the respondent notification to say ‘thanks for the email’?

I know that this functionality can be created through zapier but it would be great for this to be native. It is a pretty basic functionality when designing professional websites. There are many different stakeholders in an organization and having the ability to set up the form data submissions for multiple stakeholders is pretty important. Also, the ability to truly customize & style the form message data received once submitted could be improved.


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