Tips: How to send Webflow form submissions to different emails for free with a Gmail account

Have noticed in the Wishlist that many people is requesting the ability to send forms submissions from different forms on a site to separate emails. A simple (and free) hack to do this:

Use {{formName}} in the subject field under Webflow Forms settings. Then send the Webflow forms to an dedicated free Gmail account. In the Gmail setting, set up filters that forwards incoming emails based on the form name in the subject field to different emails. Have used this setup on several sites for over a year now without any problems.


Awesome trick,

thank you so much for sharing this with us :pray:t3:

Nice solution, I’ve also used Zapier in combination with a Webflow form submit to do this with also works well.

Hey what exactly did you do in Zapier to do this?

I guess if you or your client is OK with form data being scanned by Google then this is a workaround. Make sure you update your privacy policy.

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This is a good point @webdev

@Chris_Pourciaux Set up a Webflow Trigger on Form submission, select the desired form, then in my case used email by zapier to the send the mail. Like so: Name your zap Zapier 2021-1...

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Thanks I will try this!

Glad you discovered this too. I posted a detailed tutorial a few years ago on this here Multiple forms going to different emails workaround!

I know its wonderful to find a work around but I must say Webflow, I’m shocked that’s its been so long and you have not resolved/provided your clients with an internal working solution. I mean, 1.8K view on this thread alone!


Cool hack! A quick question. Does this work with a single form? Im helping the company I work for which is a franchise. At the moment I’ve designed the form with the option to choose the location of the gym were the customer can contact the person In charge for that specific gym. But idk how I would set this up in this case.
Thanks in advance!

My client’s ask for this monthly. Seems this should be native to WebFlow by now.

I’ve managed to solve this using Webflow Logic and Mailjet. It’s not ideal, and I agree Webflow should build this as a native feature. In the meantime, here’s how I built it: How to send different form submissions to different emails in Webflow

Hi there Ondrej,

This looks quite useful, thanks for explaining it. If this approach is employed on the site, does Webflow still record the form’s submission, as well as it being sent to Mailjet? I’m thinking it won’t, is that correct?

Also, my need for this will be for a site with 10 people on a team, each with a form on their own page that needs to send to them individually, which means 10 Flows in Webflow with a corresponding Mailjet connection - is that correct?


Hey Grant, you are correct - this setup by-passes the Webflow form submissions altogether. So you won’t see the form submissions inside Webflow.

And you are right on the second one as well. This is 10 flows you’ll have to create. Fortunately you can duplicate flows easily.